National Youth Day – Youth are the Change Agents of Tomorrow

Malala Yousufzai was still in her teens when she became the change agent for the world. She chose to change her little world – Swat Valley – first that didn’t have enough freedom of education for the women and children. It cost almost her life to become one of the most revered voices for human rights advocacy today.

That’s the impact one motivated youth can make. The leadership of her youth came from an innocent thought of educating girls in her area. The world has seen the impact of this child.


As National Youth Day 2017 comes to a close, let us discuss how we can invest in children to create a better tomorrow.  Children can be change agents and history offers several examples right from late Anne Frank to Malala. What they really need is a healthy environment of growth, education and empowerment. How will that happen? When we feed the children with nutritious food, provide them with quality education and create an environment of learning.

Feeding the children

Studies have shown that nutritious meals have a part to play in the brain development of a child since the time he or she is an infant. Right from the mother’s milk, this nutrition journey must continue during his adolescence as well. Well-fed children are more active and alert and display a greater sense of leadership right from the childhood. Such children grow up to become able youth ready to lead their counterparts. Youth are always the reflection of the society and if they grew up in deprivation, regrets or revenge, they cannot create a healthy society. It’s important that their childhood is secured by providing them with the most basic human needs so that they become responsible youth with a great sense of accountability.

Facilitating education

Education cannot be separated from the overall development of children. So when NGOs like Akshaya Patra set out to establish more kitchens for serving mid-day meals in schools, the cause of education is further extended. For instance, as a government-partnered NGO in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, the organisation is able to feed school children who feel motivated to attend school every day. Its Mid-Day Meal Programme, in association with the government, in Andhra Pradesh has brought thousands of children to school. That way, Akshaya Patra has been able to employer the youth of tomorrow by feeding them while they are children. Educated youth are able to explore options of careers and goals easily since they have knowledge on their side.

Creating an atmosphere of learning

Along with providing mid-day meals, one of the objectives of Akshaya Patra is to ensure that children get a great learning environment. The organisation works tirelessly with the local schools checking on their attendance and finding hope stories in order to inspire other children to come to school. The scheme itself creates an environment where staff, volunteers and workers motivate children to study hard and have goals in life. Teachers are guided to be gentle so they can facilitate an amazing learning environment.

Donate for a cause

Those who wish to contribute to feed the children can be assured that their donations are investments in the youth of tomorrow.  Donate today.

Today’s Healthy Children, Tomorrow’s Thinking Youth

Hunger is not a problem, it is an obscenity. How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.”  Anne Frank

What better occasion than the International Youth Day to ensure that our youth of the future are well-fed and well-educated in the present. International Youth day should be the day of joining hands with a non-profit organisation such as Akshaya Patra to provide food for the hungry across various schools in India. You may become a contributor to a substantially effective plan to turn children into healthy youth and to a wealthy Nation. But why should you do it?

Children and youth will lead future economic development

Developing youth -- Akshaya Patra

According to census 2011, India has 65% of the population below 35 years of age while United Nations survey says 28% is in the age group of 10-24 years. The youth percentage in India is highest compared to any country. It is said that where the youth percentage is rising, the economies of the country will soar, provided the children are being given good facilities for education, food and health. Only then it would lead to the economic growth and development of an individual as well as the country.  The donation you make to feed the hungry directly contributes to the social development in children as well the economic development of the country.

Literacy is an incentive

The mid-day meal programme enables you to hit three targets with one arrow. Where a family is not able to feed children, the mid-day meal programme brings them healthy food along with creating opportunity for learning. Akshaya Patra wisely incorporates education and development in the children while feeding them. Many individuals, organisations and companies have developed a sense of ethics and social responsibility while volunteering with or donating to Akshaya Patra.

Today’s healthy children are tomorrow’s wise youth

There are many ways you can participate in a country’s social, cultural and economic development. When you contribute in the mid-day meal programme run by Akshaya Patra, you are contributing towards not only social or economic development but cultural growth as well. Your small act of kindness affects these children and propagates a kind and generous culture. This programme also opens roads to numerous youth development programmes.

Investment in your future

While contributing to Akshaya Patra, you also get to know where exactly your money is spent. We comply by International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and Transparency Indian Accounting Standards issued by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) and publish our annual report with financial audits. You also get tax exemptions and many CSR opportunities such as cause-marketing initiatives, strategy philanthropy through funds and in-kind contributions or events and sponsorships.

On this International Youth Day, donate to charity to transform children into healthy youth and safeguard our country’s fate, our future.