5 Reasons why you need to Fundraise with Akshaya Patra

Always wanted to try your hand at fundraising? Well here are 5 reasons you need to fundraise with Akshaya Patra!

  1. Improve child nutrition – The Akshaya Patra Foundation currently serves wholesome mid-day meals to over 1.4 million children across 10,845 Government schools in India every day. You can help us reach out to more.

child nutrition

2.  Improve school enrolment and attendance – The mid-day meals have been proved to give children an incentive to attend school, thereby ensuring that more children are getting educated each year.

Government School Children

3.  Avail tax exemption – You can contribute to Akshaya Patra and save on taxes too. With every donation above Rs. 500, avail 100 per cent tax exemption under section 35AC of the Indian Income Tax Act.


4.  Transparency and accountability – Rest assured that you can rely on Akshaya Patra for absolute transparency and accountability. Akshaya Patra is also in the ICAI Hall of Fame for Excellence in Financial Reporting.


5.  Have a great time – Fundraising with Akshaya Patra is a fun-filled experience. Start a campaign, coordinate with your friends, and have a blast for a good cause!


So do you want to fundraise with us and don’t know from where to start? It’s very simple: you can use any of these fundraising ideas to support The Akshaya Patra Foundation:

  • Organising an event (sports event, home brunch) or a collection (in places like shopping centres or supermarkets)
  • Fundraising at schools, at work place or at home
  • Creating online fundraising campaigns of your own

raise fund

You can also refer to our website to get some more ideas. If you have any ideas other than these, you can also use them to raise funds, fundraise with us. The Akshaya Patra Foundation is happy to help you execute your own novel fundraising ideas by providing you with our branding guidelines, and the branding material you need. Are you still finding it difficult?

If yes, contact us at infodesk@akshayapatra.org. Our team is always ready to help and guide you!


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Ideas to raise fund for Akshaya Patra?

When you get involved with our cause only then we can sustain and end classroom hunger altogether from India. The Akshaya Patra Foundation as a NGO needs support and contribution to keep running the mid-day meal programme. And you can do from the comfort of your own home, or anywhere else on your own time as you wishes and want!

Happy Children

Sharing a few ideas to make a head start, you can organise a social gathering. We all are aware that entertainment attracts the most. It is also effective and a fun thing to do to raise fund. You and your friends can have a fabulous evening catching up and sharing stories. Taking the opportunity you can ask for them to donate for the cause of course after share what the cause is all about. No matter how much is the collection it matters a lot to the children who are the beneficiaries of Akshaya Patra. Every bit will go in providing nutritious meals to millions of children.

A sporting event is super fun too! You can bring up good healthy competitions by organising a sports event. With a nominal entry fee to have fun with a range of solo and team sporting competitions like relay, long jump, cricket and football matches and more, you can get a collection to contribute later to Akshaya Patra. You get to have a healthy event with your friends and close ones and also make a lump sum to donate to a cause.

Talented children

If you don’t prefer outdoor events, there indoor games too! It can be just as fun as outdoor games. Organise a faceoff with your friends over some indoor tournaments like board games, chess, scrabble, jenga and more. You can charge for entry and refreshments.  The funds you collect can go to helping the children.

There are many other ways to organize cool events and make a collection to contribute. You can have fun events at schools to raise fund for The Akshaya Patra Foundation. You can create cool merchandise and sell for a small amount or you can throw summer party during holidays or a fundraising sports day. Bake and sell can be exciting too! Sky is limit to getting creative and doing your bit to help a foundation like Akshaya Patra which is providing 1.4 million children with nutritious mid-day meal every school day. So, get creative for a cause!

To know more how to get yourself involved with us, check here: http://www.akshayapatra.org/get-involved

A Way to Help Akshaya Patra―Fundraise!

The Akshaya Patra Foundation being an NGO implementing the world’s largest mid-day meal programme is in constant need of support and contribution to sustain and expand its programme. Though the vision and mission of Akshaya Patra are imbibed into each individuals working with and for the cause of eliminating classroom hunger from India; the magnitude of the operation demands a huge resource and constant challenges creep up along the road to progress. Akshaya Patra looks up to several supporters, donors and well-wishers to help in running and expanding the programme.

Fund Raise with us

One significant option is fundraising with and for Akshaya Patra. It’s a fulfilling action for individuals who wish to do something and change the lives of children for the better. The organisation is always ready to support anyone who wants to fundraise at home, at school or at work or who wants to organise an event or a collection.

Akshaya Patra offers many fundraise with us options and the opportunity to come up with unique ideas for fundraising. Several kinds of communication materials and collaterals are readily available to enable the process. Round the clock assistance is just a mail or a call away.

Feeding the children

The Akshaya Patra Foundation believes that fundraising is a really effective way to help contribute towards the mid-day meal programme. It raises awareness about Food for Education, and provides support and information to anyone is looking for it. Each event meets many purposes apart from just raising funds. It also gives one the opportunity to become a role model.

Such fundraising events normally cause a ripple effect, which Akshaya Patra needs to fulfil its mission and in the near future.

Classroom hunger is a problem that affects the entire nation. One third of the world’s undernourished children are from India. Without proper food and education, children can never grow up to be better people.

The Akshaya Patra Foundation needs ardent support and contribution from people who understand that without smart and healthy children there is no better future. And what needs to be done to ensure that the future is bright has been done now.

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