Akshaya Patra Observes World Earth Day


Earth day is observed every year across the world on April 22nd to make people aware of the importance of protecting the environment. The irony is that despite celebrating for the last 46 years, we still are unaware of the means and ways of protecting our blue planet. Earth is the only planet in the universe where life is possible but if it is continuously abused without any restraint there will be no life at all soon. We should understand that, besides us, there are many other organisms that share our planet. Our Planet which had abundant resources needs to be preserved and conserved for future generations too.

Many governmental and non-governmental organisations have come up with programmes and initiatives to bring awareness to protect earth. Even though, Akshaya Patra is not directly related to conservation of earth, the organisation implements measures to preserve the environment. They implement many eco-friendly initiatives as:

  • ‘Bio Oorja’ kitchen stoves that use biomass pellets as fuel which has helped in minimizing fuel cost by 50%.
  • The biogas plant produces about 40-50 kg of biogas from about 1000 kg of waste. (Read Consuming with Care blog to know more about the biogas plant.)
  • LED lights have been installed in the kitchens that are extremely energy efficient.
  • Recycling of water is done using Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) and the waste water is used for washing vehicles used to transport the food.
  • There are solar plants to reduce dependency on bio-fuels. Technological innovation measures are implemented that has the capacity to produce 70 units of power a day is used to run all the applications in the kitchen that work on single phase power like the computers, fans and other systems. The plant runs through the use of photovoltaic (PV) cells which convert sunlight to direct current electricity through the course of the day.

Through these measures, Akshaya Patra has reduced its dependence on non-renewable sources of energy.  By using data analytics, the number of meal delivery routes has been reduced by five, lowering the fuel consumption and vehicle emission each month.

All these measures by and large adopted by Akshaya Patra contribute in protecting our environment.  We should understand that it is not only on April 22nd, we have to observe earth day. Every day should be observed as Earth day to prevent our earth from being destructed further.


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