Sponsor a child on World Day against Child Labour

The International Labour Organisation had launched the World Day against Child Labour in 2002 which is observed every year on June 12th. This year as the world pledges to protect children from child labour in conflicts and disasters, let us pledge to sponsor a child in order to secure his healthy upbringing and educational growth.


The World Day against Child Labour 2017 focuses on the impact of conflicts and disasters on child labour. Around 200 million people are affected by disasters every year, of which a third are children. A major proportion of the 168 million children engaged in child labour live in areas affected by conflict and disaster. The challenge is to feed the children, protect them from mental and physical consequences of disasters and provide them with the basic necessities of life.

Child labour is equally rampant in India and several charitable organisations are striving hard to eliminate the evil through awareness and protection. A lot of these children are found working haphazard conditions and are dropped out of school due to financial responsibilities. A charitable organisation in India Akshaya Patra, thus, is trying to root out this problem through taking mid-day meals to schools. That way, the organisation is able to feed the children, thereby, luring them to attend schools. The parents, therefore, understand now that the whole challenge of feeding all their children is met by simply sending their children to schools. This has significantly raised the school attendance in government schools while also reducing the number of child workers around the country.

Many charitable organisations in India are encouraging individual donors to sponsor a child by donating a meager amount. Akshaya Patra also has a simple plan for sponsoring a child by contributing merely Rs 950/- that would help feed a child for a year. As a result, the child automatically gets education since he is motivated to come to school for his share of wholesome lunch.

One of the most efficient ways to eliminate child labour would be to eliminate the reason for child labour. These reasons are orphaned children, financial responsibilities on children due to a large number of family members to feed, dropping out of school due to disinterest, illiteracy and so on. These children are often desperately put on jobs and therefore must endure the haphazard conditions, low salaries and over-work. Charitable organisations like Akshaya Patra are engaging volunteers to feed the children and use mid-day meals as an incentive to attend schools. Several stories of hope tell the tale of the success of this approach since beneficiary children are learning the importance of education and are working hard. Many of these children are learning to have dreams and aspirations in life, they are inspiring others to study hard and are bringing their siblings to school.

This is surely a good way to eliminate both hunger among children and exploitation of children. As the world observes the day against child labour, you can choose to join the cause of feeding the children and thus indirectly impacting the cause of eliminating child labour.

Sponsor a child today. Donate for Akshaya Patra.

Sponsor a Hungry Child this Anti-Child Labour Day

“If we want to develop our country we should first develop a bright future for children

Akshaya Patra Inititative2

Child Labour is an injustice done to the children depriving them of their basic right to learn, play and enjoy childhood. The children have to do menial jobs for meagre income for a longer duration without any complaint to satisfy their hunger.

Anti-Child Labour Day in India is observed every year on April 30 which falls a day before Labour Day. Unfortunately, India has the highest number of child labourers in the world. There are 11.29 million child labourers in India, which constitutes 1.34 per cent of the total population of the country. Though anti-child labour laws were amended by the Government through Child Labour Act 1986, which enforces a ban on employment of children under the age of 14, still children are victims of child abuse and exploitation.

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Though a child craves to go to school and enjoy studying and playing with friends, he can’t pursue his education due to lack of food and finance. When hunger dominates, he is ready to forgo school and prefer to work for a square meal. Hence the child ends up as labourer at the prime of his innocence; when he is supposed to enjoy childhood.

Akshaya Patra on realising the link between child labour and hunger serves mid-day meals to children in Government schools under the Government’s Mid-day Meal Scheme. The organisation implements the scheme to eliminate classroom hunger and bring children back to schools opening to them the gates of progress. Aiming to end hunger and promote education the organisation works tirelessly to serve nutritious food every day to feed the hungry children in India and promote education which eventually will free children from child labour.


Akshaya Patra calls upon all of us, as responsible citizens, to help feed the hungry children by providing charity or sponsoring a child through the organisations mid-day meal scheme. Fifteen years of tireless efforts has increased the Foundation’s reach to 25 locations and providing food to 1.5 million children in India. This had led to increased enrolment in schools, sustained attendance and increased nutritious health of children.

Hunger-free education is the only solution to end child labour, school is the best place for a child to spend his life and pen is the best instrument to work with.  It’s our duty to ask a child to ‘learn’ and ‘not earn.’ Child labour is never a solution to end the social disease of poverty but it perpetuates poverty rather than irradiating poverty.

To give every child a life filled with colours, let us join hands with Akshaya Patra in its mid-day meal scheme to feed the hungry children on this Anti-Child Labour Day.