Giving for Charity Changes Everything! Read the Story

Ask us what’s the most meaningful aspect of our work and we would be happy to shout out our answer – feeding India’s school children nutritious and healthy meals every day.

In the state that promotes itself as ‘One State, Many Worlds’ to the globe, The Akshaya Patra Foundation was born with a mission to curb classroom hunger. Karnataka is not only rich in history but is also home to over 64 million people. While this number can boast of manpower and productivity, we also ought to focus on crafting a healthy future for children in Karnataka.

In an effort to make this state a better place for school children, Akshaya Patra, a charitable trust in Bangalore has implemented its Mid-Day Meal Programme across the country to feed the hungry and provide freshly-cooked meals to over 4 lakh students in Karnataka.

Everyone has a beautiful story

Recently, one of our representatives from Akshaya Patra visited a beneficiary school in Jyothipura, Bengaluru and came back with an enthusiastic story of a girl studying in Standard VIII.

Support Kirti

Meet Kirti. She is simple, innocent and full of life. Inspired by dance shows on television, Kirti has built a dream for herself – to become a professional dancer. In fact, to mould her dancing skills, she travels to Hoskote located 15 km away from her residence only to learn the art from her master. While this is not a common dream for a girl whose family depends on daily wages, Kirti receives complete support from her father, who is a construction worker in Bengaluru.

Good music is a requisite for great dance. When we spoke to her about her interests, she said, “I love songs with peppy tunes and would love to participate in competitions.” Although dancing defines her, Kirti does not compromise on studies. She is a lover of math and enjoys solving puzzles and math problems. According to her, problem-solving gives her the skills to tackle everyday concerns.

Is there anything else that motivates Kirti to attend school? Mid-day meals have encouraged many families to send their children to schools because they are assured of one wholesome meal. Kirti loves Akshaya Patra’s food as it helps her concentrate on studies and also gives her strength to dance. Her story shines bright.

How impactful is Mid-Day Meal Programme?

According to a report in Times of India, Akshaya Patra’s Mid-Day Meal Programme in Karnataka has witnessed an increase of school enrolment in the last two years – growth of over 6,000 children in 2015-16 as compared to 2013-14 and provides meals to 678 schools as compared to 568 in 2013-14.  Above all, the Foundation focuses on empowering children through education by eliminating classroom hunger.


Although Akshaya Patra receives significant support from the government to address hunger among children in India, it is collective support from donors that has stabilized its service.

To make this initiative more effective, you can sponsor a child’s mid-day meals for a year by contributing only Rs 750.


Follow NGO News and Blogs to Stay Updated on Social Issues

It is often said that if there was social justice, there would be no need for social service. Unfortunately, there is a lot of inequality that disrupts social justice. Lacks of awareness on social issues only add to this situation. That’s why NGOs around the globe keep their donors informed through blogs or news attempting to increase a collective knowledge so more people can come forward.

When we think of charity for children, it connects us with issues related to lack of education and hunger. Here’s why supporting charity keeps you informed about social issues:

Social injustice grabs your attention

Word Cloud Support a Cause

Even when you have given charity donation just once, you must have noticed how naturally headlines related to specific issues grab your attention. You find yourself reading NGO news and blogs or devouring social stories that impact several lives. You naturally become a more aware citizen especially towards issues of injustice; you share this concern with colleagues and friends inspiring them to contribute as well, unconsciously creating a community of believers of social justice. Many contributors and donors start their own blogs and make others aware of the most pressing social issues around the world.  Akshaya Patra keeps its readers and donors informed about its Mid-Day Meal Programme in its endeavour of a deeper charity for children.

Human beings are reciprocal by nature. We expect something in return for a favour. NGOs like Akshaya Patra provide tax deductions and non-monetary motivation in exchange for a donation. When you contribute, you trigger an unconscious cycle of kindness because you talk about your contribution and share it with others. This gesture inspires many and creates an impression of you that often comes back in the form of small favours and help when you need them most. Moreover, others see you as someone who is concerned about social issues and they may get encouraged to work towards such causes as well.

You push them for accountability

Of course, when you make a conscious contribution, you want to find out all about what that organisation does. This pushes non-profits to improve their processes, do their job more honestly and engage in better management of resources. Donating to a charity indirectly contributes into a transparent ecosystem of social issues where socially aware donors demand more accountability and NGOs implement systems more efficiently. Pick up any NGO blog and you will read several stories where a positive difference was made. At Akshaya Patra too, we are always excited to share amazing stories of hope with our donors as they contribute in charity for children. We want our donors to know that their contribution wasn’t futile.

Charity for children


At Akshaya Patra, it’s our conscious desire to encourage you to understand our Mid-Day Meal Programme, the children who are benefitted by it, and their stories. Through this, you open up to a whole new world of giving where you are aware of the vital concerns related to children.

Make an aware and conscious choice today. Donate to Akshaya Patra.

Celebrating Rakhi with Bhojan Suraksha Bandhan!

This full moon day our hearts are in brim, feeling of faith and serenity in mind.”—APJ Abdul Kalam

One day, early in the morning, Vishnu, a 12-year-old boy, was helping his father at the paddy fields. His sister, Anu, was eagerly waiting for him to return home, as she could not wait to tie him rakhi – the sacred thread symbolising her sisterly love. As soon as he returned, Anu ran to her room, picked up the handmade rakhi and stood before him with joy. After a small ritual, Anu tied the rakhi on her brother’s wrist, praying for his well-being, while he took an oath to protect his sister from all evil.

Raksha Bandhan SEO Creative

On this day, which is a celebration of love between brothers and sisters, The Akshaya Patra Foundation, recognises the importance of this powerful relationship and the values of brotherhood which we can inculcate in our society to build a strong nation. Millions of school children are benefitted every day by Akshaya Patra’s core programme—to feed the hungry kids by providing mid-day meals in schools thereby encouraging them to continue their education.

Akshaya Patra, through its credible service to stop hunger, promises to protect our country’s children from hunger. It is with faith and righteousness that the organisation operates the world’s largest NGO-run school lunch programme in 10 states across India and provides mid-day meals to over 1.5 million children every day.

Bhojan Suraksha Bandhan

Let your big heart speak as you make a gift on Raksha Bandhan, of a contribution to our cause. Dedicate yourself to be the symbol of protection for our sisters and brothers of tomorrow. Go on and take the pledge to protect children from hunger—an evil that steals their right to a healthy life and education.

Akshaya Patra urges you to support education by feeding children nutritious meals every day. Today, you can choose to donate to Akshaya Patra to ensure a healthy future for India.

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Today’s Healthy Children, Tomorrow’s Thinking Youth

Hunger is not a problem, it is an obscenity. How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.”  Anne Frank

What better occasion than the International Youth Day to ensure that our youth of the future are well-fed and well-educated in the present. International Youth day should be the day of joining hands with a non-profit organisation such as Akshaya Patra to provide food for the hungry across various schools in India. You may become a contributor to a substantially effective plan to turn children into healthy youth and to a wealthy Nation. But why should you do it?

Children and youth will lead future economic development

Developing youth -- Akshaya Patra

According to census 2011, India has 65% of the population below 35 years of age while United Nations survey says 28% is in the age group of 10-24 years. The youth percentage in India is highest compared to any country. It is said that where the youth percentage is rising, the economies of the country will soar, provided the children are being given good facilities for education, food and health. Only then it would lead to the economic growth and development of an individual as well as the country.  The donation you make to feed the hungry directly contributes to the social development in children as well the economic development of the country.

Literacy is an incentive

The mid-day meal programme enables you to hit three targets with one arrow. Where a family is not able to feed children, the mid-day meal programme brings them healthy food along with creating opportunity for learning. Akshaya Patra wisely incorporates education and development in the children while feeding them. Many individuals, organisations and companies have developed a sense of ethics and social responsibility while volunteering with or donating to Akshaya Patra.

Today’s healthy children are tomorrow’s wise youth

There are many ways you can participate in a country’s social, cultural and economic development. When you contribute in the mid-day meal programme run by Akshaya Patra, you are contributing towards not only social or economic development but cultural growth as well. Your small act of kindness affects these children and propagates a kind and generous culture. This programme also opens roads to numerous youth development programmes.

Investment in your future

While contributing to Akshaya Patra, you also get to know where exactly your money is spent. We comply by International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and Transparency Indian Accounting Standards issued by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) and publish our annual report with financial audits. You also get tax exemptions and many CSR opportunities such as cause-marketing initiatives, strategy philanthropy through funds and in-kind contributions or events and sponsorships.

On this International Youth Day, donate to charity to transform children into healthy youth and safeguard our country’s fate, our future.

10 Ways to Donate to Akshaya Patra

On a quiet Sunday noon, Amit was glancing through the latest news on his phone. A few articles later, he came across a rather distressing article about children in India. It said, ‘almost half of India’s children are chronically malnourished and hunger is the main cause for illness among children.’ This led Amit to make a resolution — to donate to schools to ensure students are served hot and nutritious meals on every school day.

The Akshaya Patra Foundation, a Bengaluru-based NGO, gives you the chance to sponsor mid-day meals of children for an entire academic year. As a choice, you can also sponsor kitchen equipment or donate a vehicle to help strengthen the operations. Because meals are prepared for over 1.5 million children across India every day, the organisation ensures that the kitchen operations are efficient and food is delivered to schools on time.


Here’s a quick guide to all of Akshaya Patra’s donation options!

Donate online

Your contribution of Rs 750 can help in feeding nutritious mid-day meals to a child for an entire academic year. You can donate online by choosing the number of children you would like to sponsor for a year.

Donate a vehicle

With the help of Akshaya Patra’s blue bus, beneficiary schools receive their mid-day meals on time. You can donate a vehicle to the organisation and have you name or company logo displayed on the vehicle.

Sponsor kitchen equipment

Every morning, Akshaya Patra’s kitchens cook more than 1 lakh meals. While we focus on feeding more children, you can help us increase productivity by sponsoring a kitchen equipment.

Sponsor a school for a year

The organisation caters to over 10,948 government schools in India. You can now sponsor a government school’s mid-day meals for a year and help the students enjoy fresh and nutritious meals.

Donate in honour of someone 

The organisation gives you the opportunity to make a thoughtful contribution—donating in honour of someone you admire. Through this, not only will you honour an individual, but also support the cause.

Donate in memory of someone 

To cherish memories and to express love and respect, you can donate in memory of someone you love. Your donation to help sustain the mid-day meal programme will be valuable and appreciated for its thoughtfulness.

Donate for a special occasion 

How do you wish to celebrate your birthday? Share your joy with Akshaya Patra beneficiaries by donating on your special day. Be it anniversary or birthday, you can make it more special by supporting a cause.

Donate through cheque/DD 

You can write a Cheque or Demand Draft in the name of The Akshaya Patra Foundation. Since this is an offline donation, we can arrange a pick-up service or you send the cheque through post.

Make a donation via wire transfer 

You can donate to Akshaya Patra through wire transfer. Once you submit your information on the website, one of Akshaya Patra’s representatives will get in touch with you to further the process.

Set ECS donation

You can transfer funds on a periodical basis by setting up an Electronic Clearance Service to make ECS donation. This is an easy and hassle-free mode of transferring funds.

For the organisation to continue operating on a large scale, you can make a contribution of your choice and help the Foundation achieve its mission of feeding 5 million children by 2020. With support from the Government and many philanthropists, The Foundation continues its school lunch operations across the country, running the world’s largest NGO-driven mid-day meal programme.

How will you benefit?

Donations to Akshaya Patra are eligible for 100% deduction under Section 35 AC / 80 GGA of the Indian Income Tax Act.  When you make a donation, you will be given a receipt and a 100% Tax Exemption Certificate along with a ‘thank you’ letter via courier or post. The certificate and receipt which will reach you within 10 days of making the donation and can be used to avail 100% tax exemption for the respective financial year.

7 Simple Ways to use Akshaya Patra’s Mobile App

Some donate to feel better, others to make others’ lives better and some for tax exemptions, others for being a part of a cause. Whatever the reason, your intention is noble and we value that. As a leading NGO facilitating mid-day meal scheme in India, Akshaya Patra wishes to make the process of contribution easy and fun.

akshaya patra_mobile app

The Akshaya Patra mobile application makes it easy. Here’s how you can use it:

  1. Search our kitchen locations

Our Reach is a feature that takes you to the Akshaya Patra map. A beautiful interface allows you to search all kitchen locations pan India exhibiting the total number of beneficiaries and beneficiary schools.

  1. Create your own volunteer campaigns

Is your heart willing but the means don’t come by? The Campaign feature is for people like you who wish to contribute to Akshaya Patra once or continually but practically cannot. So rope in your friends and family via social sharing in your own personalized campaign. Upload your own JPEG campaign poster, set your targeted goal amount or the deadline for fund raising. Start giving with your own fundraising campaign now!

  1. Donate hassle-free

You can also use the Akshaya Patra app to make hassle-free mobile donations just by the click of a button. A simple form lets you choose from India, International Donation and Wire Transfer along with details of Phone and Pan Card. Once you agree with the privacy policy and terms of donation, you can simply push the Donate button. That’s it, you have made your contribution. Of course, you are still entitled for tax exemptions.

  1. Enjoy photos and videos

Seeing is believing. See for yourself the kind of impact our programmes have on the lives of millions of children. Go to Gallery and see the photos of event or mid-day meal schemes that we are running as an NGO in India. Watch videos of powerful stories of beneficiaries or all the action behind the kitchens of Akshaya Patra.

  1. Know what’s happening

Get inspired and read about a ray of sunshine in the life of a child or in a remote school somewhere in your state. We are huge fans of transparency and want to let you inside the life and works of the Akshaya Patra Foundation. Through Updates and Impact features, you can easily learn and know where we are creating value in our mid-day meal schemes.

  1. Shout out on social media

The Akshaya Patra app has several content feeds that are shareable. You may simply share your personalized campaign via Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus etc or inspire your community about the Foundation’s work by sharing photos and videos from our Gallery, Impact or Updates.

  1. Reach us easily

The Contact feature will simply let you contact our Bengaluru, USA and UK offices. Have a question? Read through our FAQs. Want to suggest? Fill in the simple Feedback form.

Donating today is as simple as sharing an update on social media. Download Akshaya Patra mobile application today!

Akshaya Patra Android App

Akshaya Patra iOS App

Giving – A Hallmark of the Extraordinary

In these times of fast cars and faster jobs, a sense of forlornly meandering through a mindless existence often sets in. Leisure, pleasure and privilege often find themselves helpless against this undercurrent. One thing, done in however small a quantity, that always warms the spirit and lifts it, is the act of giving. Those who feed the hungry or donate to charity, offering financial aid or time and resources, will vouch for the exhilaration they feel upon making worthy contributions. Giving undoubtedly makes one an extraordinary individual – in their own eyes as well as in the eyes of others.

akshaya patra_dreams of children

One might scoff at the surety with which the statement has been articulated, but there are numerous reasons why it stands true. Firstly, one’s self-image is of paramount importance. Ironic though it is, giving enhances one’s self-worth because the act puts others before oneself. In a world that believes that individuals are wired to be selfish, doing something truly selfless makes one remarkable indeed. Secondly, with the suffering, wealth disparity and wars that are a common fixture, the smallest measure, be it charity fundraising or sponsoring the education of an underprivileged child, matters in making the world a kinder place.

Charity is also a mutually beneficial relationship for all those involved in the exchange. It helps one connect with individuals who are in a vastly different place in life as compared to themselves. This gives one the power that is rare indeed – one to empathise with one’s fellow beings, rather than just sympathise with them. Empathy – the ability to truly understand the other person by putting oneself in his/her shoes – is a hallmark of a mind that has grown and evolved. It allows one to be humane, instead of just human.

In the age of materialism, giving also helps one manage its stresses and uncertainties by nudging one towards the spiritual. Spiritual wellbeing is as important as material success. Giving, which helps one look beyond oneself to the oneness of the universe, is a spiritual activity that helps individuals love and be at peace with themselves. The greatest minds in the world have all extolled the benefits of charity, and now, scientific research backs these ideas, which go back thousands of years. Giving, in its essence, is a way towards self-realisation.

akshaya patra_donate now

Help nourish a schoolchild’s dream of uninterrupted education by supporting Food for Education. Donate to Akshaya Patra for mid-day meal programme now!