Leap Year – 24 Hours 24 Acts

leap year

It’s a busy world, as such any extra time you get is definitely blessing in disguise. So what happens when you get an extra day … an entire day? That’s what you have in the form of 29th February as 2016 is a leap year. Your happiness will have no bounds, we understand, but have you wondered what all you can do with this extra time? And we are not talking about partying or going out, mind you. We are talking about doing something to give back to the society.

There are many things you can do. Some so simple that they won’t take more than a minute. Like our Facebook page or retweet our tweets, for instance, and help us reach a wider audience. Then there are things that will require more time and efforts on your part, but you can start from today. Like say, organise a fundraiser or maybe get into a partnership with us.

Regardless of what you do, we can assure you that the efforts put forth by you and others like you will amplify to make a huge impact on the lives of children across the country.

To know how you can use an extra day for a good cause, visit: blog.akshayapatra.org/leap-year-24-hours-24-acts/

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