Chennai Flood Relief Initiative

Food for chennai

We at The Akshaya Patra Foundation are working to alleviate the suffering that has rocked the city of Chennai in the wake of the floods of the last weeks. To this end, the Foundation has been serving fresh meals every day, with the intention to ramp up the feeding reach to 10,000 meals a day. In order to achieve this, a team of 10-30 people will be engaged in Chennai to assist in cooking, with raw material, utensils, packing material, housekeeping and fuel supplies and more being transported to the city. Once an analysis of the situation has been completed, Akshaya Patra will serve even beyond 10,000 meals a day based on the need of the hour. Donate for Chennai floods and help us to provide food for the needy. Every donation of ₹ 500 or above made to our organisation is eligible for 100 % tax exemption under section 80G.

If you want to support us please visit: Donate for Chennai Floods


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