Core Values of an Organisation

Today, we frequently hear the terms core values, mission and culture integrated in the business language. But what are organisation’s core values? What is the significance?

core values

All that an organisation values—its vision, mission, culture and governance are all supported by the core values. The identity of the organisation says The Akshaya Patra Foundation – the principles, beliefs or philosophy of values are enveloped by its core values. Strong core values provide both internal and external advantages to Akshaya Patra.

The decision-making processes are also simpler when an organisation has strong core value. For example, Akshaya Patra stands behind the quality of its mid-day meal, any meal not reaching the satisfactory standard are eliminated from production.

The core values of Akshaya Patra are not just picked out from thin air. Discussions and debates are conducted amongst management, trustees, employees and its stakeholders to craft the best core value that should define the organisation.

There is a crucial distinction between core values and strategies – core values are permanent regardless of the time and conditions, internal as well as external, affecting the organisation, while strategies and practices should be changing all the time.

The six core values of Akshaya Patra are: compassion, integrity, quality, devotion, trustworthiness and synergy.

The objective of the organization is to create an atmosphere in that is cohesive with core values such as Compassion, Devotion, Integrity, Quality, Trustworthiness, and Synergy. A few years from now every member who joins the Foundation will find these values ingrained into the length and breadth of the organisation. Akshaya Patra will be a beacon of these core values. With these core values we aim at

  • Creating happiness among children we serve and among the members of Akshaya Patra
  • Becoming a bellwether NGO across globe
  • Making Akshaya Patra  a great place to work

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