Telling a story better with films…

To be an efficient storyteller you need to use effective mediums of communication. Akshaya Patra has been keeping up with the changing trends and continuously applying new ways to tell its story to the world. From one way storytelling to dynamic storytelling, from serial storytelling to multifaceted stories it has been harnessing the best forms to reach out to the audience.

Video of Akshaya Patra

A recent film called ‘The Possibilities’ tells the story of a child engaged in odd jobs just to earn a meal. It’s a story reflecting the stories of millions of children in India. The film closes with a solution, which is the mid-day meal of Akshaya Patra. The child gets free nutritious food as well as free education. He need not work to earn his bread anymore. The film touches the hearts of the audience and the film received numerous awards.

There are other films produced by the foundation telling its story with different themes and it has managed to garner attention and awareness to the cause of Akshaya Patra. The substance to all the films created is: honesty to the cause, usage of the right information and facts and not being superficial. Being an NGO, Akshaya Patra needs to transparent and honest to earn the trust of its supporters and there nothing more effective and beautiful than showing what it is? as it is.

The additional benefits of having visual, audio or music together in telling a story through films accentuate the impact of the underlying message Akshaya Patra wants to communicate. In our modern world, films do travel faster, farther and stay longer making it a very efficient and effective medium to use to project your message to the public any time.

Watch ‘The Possibilities’.

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