Core Values of an Organisation

Today, we frequently hear the terms core values, mission and culture integrated in the business language. But what are organisation’s core values? What is the significance?

core values

All that an organisation values—its vision, mission, culture and governance are all supported by the core values. The identity of the organisation says The Akshaya Patra Foundation – the principles, beliefs or philosophy of values are enveloped by its core values. Strong core values provide both internal and external advantages to Akshaya Patra.

The decision-making processes are also simpler when an organisation has strong core value. For example, Akshaya Patra stands behind the quality of its mid-day meal, any meal not reaching the satisfactory standard are eliminated from production.

The core values of Akshaya Patra are not just picked out from thin air. Discussions and debates are conducted amongst management, trustees, employees and its stakeholders to craft the best core value that should define the organisation.

There is a crucial distinction between core values and strategies – core values are permanent regardless of the time and conditions, internal as well as external, affecting the organisation, while strategies and practices should be changing all the time.

The six core values of Akshaya Patra are: compassion, integrity, quality, devotion, trustworthiness and synergy.

The objective of the organization is to create an atmosphere in that is cohesive with core values such as Compassion, Devotion, Integrity, Quality, Trustworthiness, and Synergy. A few years from now every member who joins the Foundation will find these values ingrained into the length and breadth of the organisation. Akshaya Patra will be a beacon of these core values. With these core values we aim at

  • Creating happiness among children we serve and among the members of Akshaya Patra
  • Becoming a bellwether NGO across globe
  • Making Akshaya Patra  a great place to work

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Telling a story better with films…

To be an efficient storyteller you need to use effective mediums of communication. Akshaya Patra has been keeping up with the changing trends and continuously applying new ways to tell its story to the world. From one way storytelling to dynamic storytelling, from serial storytelling to multifaceted stories it has been harnessing the best forms to reach out to the audience.

Video of Akshaya Patra

A recent film called ‘The Possibilities’ tells the story of a child engaged in odd jobs just to earn a meal. It’s a story reflecting the stories of millions of children in India. The film closes with a solution, which is the mid-day meal of Akshaya Patra. The child gets free nutritious food as well as free education. He need not work to earn his bread anymore. The film touches the hearts of the audience and the film received numerous awards.

There are other films produced by the foundation telling its story with different themes and it has managed to garner attention and awareness to the cause of Akshaya Patra. The substance to all the films created is: honesty to the cause, usage of the right information and facts and not being superficial. Being an NGO, Akshaya Patra needs to transparent and honest to earn the trust of its supporters and there nothing more effective and beautiful than showing what it is? as it is.

The additional benefits of having visual, audio or music together in telling a story through films accentuate the impact of the underlying message Akshaya Patra wants to communicate. In our modern world, films do travel faster, farther and stay longer making it a very efficient and effective medium to use to project your message to the public any time.

Watch ‘The Possibilities’.

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Knowing an effective organisation like Akshaya Patra

Non-governmental organisations (NGOs) or Charities are expressions of people working for people. They are groups of ordinary citizens making efforts to change lives for the better. NGOs come in different lights with an array of activities depending on support, cause and values. The Akshaya Patra Foundation is one amongst millions of NGOs in the world striving to make an impact and transform lives of millions of children in India.

NGO for Children

Akshaya Patra operates at its best working in partnership with The Government of India and the state governments, with the help of its supporters and staff towards professional ways of working and effective, high-impact programme that provides mid-day meals to school children in government and government-aides schools. It’s effective because its cause is clear and the vision and mission are defined and imbibed by all associated with the organisation.

The organisation is able to work to its strength by mobilising the skills of its workforce. For Akshaya Patra, its impact is proportional to response to the need and the bond its builds with all involved with the cause. The trust of beneficiaries, school teachers, trustees, donors, partners and all other stakeholder is the backbone of the organisation. Its size and reach are just mere reflections to the effort.

Akshaya Patra Reach

And anyone who wants to support needs to know whether the organisation deserves it; does the cause needs it? and so on. To make the decision easy Akshaya Patra has clearly explained its vision, mission and programme it is implementing. It shares its impact study, progresses and strategies in taking the cause forward. The organisation has explained the motivation for its programme, how it works towards a positive change that is eliminating classroom hunger. The Akshaya Patra Foundation works with a strong internal system, and applies professional standards and codes of conduct to its work. And of course its ultimate judges are the beneficiaries. Akshaya Patra runs the world’s largest mid-day meal programme providing nutritious food to more than 1.4 million children in India. It’s growing, moving towards its mission of feeding 5 million by 2020.

Akshaya Patra applies technology to run the mid-day meal programme

There are several advancements in technology that has indeed made our lives easy but how much of these development can benefit society from a three sixty degree view. Technology has indeed made impactful interventions but are we able to harness enough to benefit all?

Talking about mid-day meal we can have a distinct view on its applications and benefits. The Mid-Day Meal Scheme is one of the largest free school lunch programme initiated by the Government of India. It is to ensure that children receive nutritious meals and can concentrate on studies rather than on earning a square meal. It is to tackle classroom hunger and promote education. In order to implement this, there are kitchens across the country to run the programme. As these kitchens have to cater to thousands and millions of children every day, they are categorised as centralised kitchens and decentralised kitchens. Centralised kitchens are mechanised kitchens equipped for mass production of mid-day meal and they also act as nodal kitchen for a set of schools in a particular region. This model of kitchens is viable and largely seen in urban areas.

Akshaya Patra Centralized Kitchen

Signs of technological intervention are a sure sight in all the kitchens of The Akshaya Patra Foundation. A walk into any kitchen unit of the Foundation will give a well maintained factory-like feel. A closer look will reveal that it is a kitchen that bustles up every morning to prepare thousands and millions of meal. Right from huge rice cauldrons beginning with 500 litres cooking capacity and dal cauldrons with capacity of 1,200 litres to 3,000 litres of dal, there are mechanised roti making machines that can roll out 200,000 rotis from 6,000 kilograms of wheat flour. Not just for cooking, Akshaya Patra also utilises technology in storage and delivery process. There are cold storages in each kitchen to store ready-to-cook cut vegetables to retain freshness. For delivering the cooked food, the NGO makes use of custom-made insulated vehicles to control temperature loss so that freshness of the cooked meal remains intact till it is served to the children. In order to ensure safety and on-time delivery, methods like logistic charting for route optimization and GPRS are adopted and implemented in the kitchens.

Akshaya Patra Mega Kitchen

There many more applications of technology that have helped in continuous increase of productivity, enhanced quality and improved service. These interventions have also potentially affected sustainability of each kitchen allowing the Foundation to increase its beneficiary base. Yet, Akshaya Patra continues to explore newer avenues to further advance its capacity of feeding millions of children and move forward in eradicating classroom hunger.

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