The deliverer of healthy food

The Akshaya Patra Blue Buses play an integral role in facilitating the work of the Foundation. It is with these iconic vehicles that the tasty, fresh Akshaya Patra food is delivered to over 1.4 million school children across India every day.
There are totally more than 500 Blue Buses in the Akshaya Patra fleet. The buses are all designed to look the same, making them an easily recognised sight on the streets. Each of these buses has been specially modified with the fabricated racks in a honeycomb structure to ensure that the vessels containing the food are packed in a stable manner, with the optimum utilisation of space.

Akshaya- Patra- Vehicle-Donation

The Akshaya Patra buses are also properly insulated to make sure that the food retains its heat till the very last bus reaches the last school. Quality in every aspect of Akshaya Patra’s operations process is crucial. Therefore, the buses are regularly cleaned through steam sterilisation and random checks are undertaken. To top this off, the Foundation has also ensured that every aspect of the bus in connection with the food is of the prescribed food grade.
These buses that have been so carefully designed by The Akshaya Patra Foundation are a beacon of hope to underserved children all over India. If you would like to contribute a vehicle to the Foundation, click here.

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