Bill Clinton tours the Jaipur Kitchen

Clinton visited Akshaya Patra Kitchen jaipur

Highlighting the international interest in the work of the Foundation, former US President Bill Clinton visited the Akshaya Patra kitchen at Jaipur on 16 July, 2014. He visited the kitchen as part of a health programme, said the Clinton Foundation. He will next be visiting Lucknow.

The Jaipur kitchen was set up in February, 2004. Today this centralised kitchen feeds 92,763 children across 1,081 government schools every day. The kitchen also serves the mid-day meal to 5,000 daily wage earners and Anganwadis too.

Being a centralised model, the kitchen is extremely mechanised, producing high standards of quality, efficiency and hygiene throughout the operations process. The kitchen has a roti (Indian flat bread) making machine, capable of rolling out about 200,000 rotis from 600 kilograms of wheat flour. The kitchen produces 250,000 rotis, 6 tons of dal (lentils) and 5 tons of rice in a span of just three hours.

Work in the kitchen starts as early as 3am in order to have the food ready and delivered to the schools in time for lunch. However, despite the mammoth scale of cooking, and the short time span in which to get the food ready, Akshaya Patra remains committed to delivering quality food to the children for their mid-day meal. As a result all the kitchens are equipped with a well trained staff and supervisors who constantly monitor the standards of quality and hygiene being followed.

In the past, the centralised kitchens have been studied by prestigious institutions like the Harvard Business School and Oxford University for the technology and operations model implemented in the kitchen. Clinton too visited the Akshaya Patra kitchen to witness firsthand, the operations and delivery procedure undertaken on every school day.

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