Why should we participate in the #HungryForSchool Initiative?

Why-should-akshaya-patra-participate-in-the-Hungry-for-School-InitiativeMillions of children across India do not have the opportunity to go to school and get an education because they are forced to earn their daily meal. When they do not have enough money for even one square meal a day, education is often the last thing on most children’s mind. It was understanding that no child can study on an empty stomach that sparked the idea of meals at school.

The Akshaya Patra Foundation works to ensure that by providing a healthy, tasty meal to children on every school day, it will bring children out of labour and into the classroom. Akshaya Patra recently launched its #HungryForSchool initiative on World Day against Child Labour to spread awareness on the need to provide food for education to the under privileged children of India.

The initiative highlights the fact that you don’t need to have fancy classrooms or state-of-the-art technology to keep a child coming to school. All you need basic amenities such as one tasty, nutritious meal a day. Akshaya Patra achieves this with the help of an excellent team of quality experts, cooks and nutritionists, ensuring that each child gets a well-balanced meal every day.

The #HungryForSchool initiative will address many of the crucial factors contributing to poverty and child labour in India, while working to spark a movement that will eradicate this social evil from Indian society.

It doesn’t take much to participate in the #HungryForSchool initiative. A donation of just Rs 750 will feed a child for an entire year, and you can spread awareness of the initiative by tweeting using the hashtag #HungryForSchool, or logging onto our Facebook page.

To know more about the initiative, click here.


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