Why should we participate in the #HungryForSchool Initiative?

Why-should-akshaya-patra-participate-in-the-Hungry-for-School-InitiativeMillions of children across India do not have the opportunity to go to school and get an education because they are forced to earn their daily meal. When they do not have enough money for even one square meal a day, education is often the last thing on most children’s mind. It was understanding that no child can study on an empty stomach that sparked the idea of meals at school. Continue reading


Two time winner of Summit Creative Award

Two-time-winner-of-Summit-Creative-AwardThe Akshaya Patra Foundation has won the Summit Creative Award (SCA) – Silver for the second time! The organisation received this prestigious award for its creative representation of its Annual Report. The SCA awards received over 5000 entries, from which Akshaya Patra ranked the second best in creativity. The Akshaya Patra Foundation won the Silver award in the Non Profit/Government category. Continue reading