Akshaya Patra Mid-Day Meals: Good Food, Better Concentration

Akshaya-Patra-Mid-Day-Meals-Good-Food-Better-ConcentrationExams are coming around the corner and it’s time for children across the country to start gearing up to meet them. Children deal with a massive amount of pressure from parents, siblings, peer groups and education boards to do well. And this pressure is much more evident in children of low income households who have to fulfill other responsibilities like contributing to the family income, taking care of siblings etc., in addition to managing their school load. Continue reading


Donate differently to help the cause

Donate-Differently-to-help-the-causeRaising money for a worthy cause doesn’t have to be something that eats into your savings or cramps your style. We at The Akshaya Patra Foundation believe that with some creative thinking, planning and team work it is certainly possible to do something for the benefit of a charitable cause and still live life in very much the usual way. Continue reading