Help Educate Children by Contributing Towards Mid Day Meal Programme

Gujarat Children NGOThe mid day meal programme has received appreciation from parents, teachers and students as well. The potential of mid day meal is also been recognized by the society in general. The implementation of mid-day meal in Gujarat along with other states has been very crucial in supporting child education. As many children come from economically backward families, the mid day meal programme is a great incentive. First, it can be availed free of cost and second it also helps educate children by attracting them to come to school.

Here is an anecdote of Jagruthi Panchal, a young vibrant Maths and Science teacher in Dr. Hansa Mehta Primary School, Gujarat. She teaches the students of Standard VII. As a teacher she observed the benefits of the mid-day meal served by The Akshaya Patra Foundation. This Foundation is one among the Gujarat children NGO that provides mid day meal in Gujarat. In appreciation of the programme she says, “As most of the children come from financially weaker background, help from organisations like Akshaya Patra has significant impact on the children. Additionally, due to the healthy and tasty food provided as mid-day meal by the Foundation, the children are better able to concentrate in class.” Through implementing the mid day meal programme Akshaya Patra is also trying to help educate children.

As the meal becomes an important factor for children to come to school, the Foundation also started providing local palate to suit the taste of each location. Choose to donate to charity towards this Foundation. Your charitable donation will help educate children by providing them with a healthy and wholesome meal every day


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