Help Educate Children by Contributing Towards Mid Day Meal Programme

Gujarat Children NGOThe mid day meal programme has received appreciation from parents, teachers and students as well. The potential of mid day meal is also been recognized by the society in general. The implementation of mid-day meal in Gujarat along with other states has been very crucial in supporting child education. As many children come from economically backward families, the mid day meal programme is a great incentive. First, it can be availed free of cost and second it also helps educate children by attracting them to come to school. Continue reading


Akshaya Patra Foundation and Vasudev Adiga’s Initiative to Provide a Million Meals for Children

Akshaya-Patra and Vasudev-Adiga’s-Initiative-to-Provide-a-Million-Meals-for-Children

VasudevAdiga’s, a popular chain of restaurants in Karnataka, has committed to raise funds to support The Akshaya Patra Foundation, an NGO which serves mid day meals to government school children in India. VasudevAdiga’s aims to fund one million meals in collaboration with its customers, partners and employees. Continue reading