Akshaya Patra Foundation in Gujarat: Beneficiary Success Story from Vadodara

NGO in Gujarat - Akshaya-Patra-FoundationAkshaya Patra in Gujarat: Sometimes, a beautiful face hides the grief behind it with great knack. Such is the story of Sheetal Chawla. Sheetal loves to draw Mehendi on others’ hands and is also fond of dancing. However, there is a gloomy story behind that smile due to an unforeseen life event that Sheetal has to go through during her tender age.

Two years ago her father suffered from high BP and had a mild heart attack. With some hope to help her husband recover and to support her family, Bharati Behn- Sheetal’s mother began to work as domestic help in a few houses. Continue reading


Birth of Akshaya Patra Foundation

How it began

All this while, we have been reading inspirational studies about little kids who are able to build their dreams mainly due to the free mid day meal that they get from The Akshaya Patra Foundation. Now let’s take a peek into how this entire programme that feeds 1.3 million children in our country came about. Let us get an insight into how the idea of a mid-day meal programme grew in leaps and bounds to become The Akshaya Patra Foundation.

While on a recent visit to the first five schools that The Akshaya Patra Foundation started serving at, we met Venu Vadana Gopal Das, the individual who went in search of schools that required the free mid day meal facility. “Once the idea was conceptualised, I was asked to go explore surrounding areas in Bangalore and find out about the need for a mid day meal programme. I knew that the outskirts and rural areas will be our prime targets. I visited Government schools in areas like Peenya, Chikkabidarakally and Makali and was moved by the plight of the kids there” he reminisced. Continue reading