Come and Join, we can change the world on this Hunger Day – Akshaya Patra

Why hunger? This is indeed a very deplorable situation which does need an “immediate” attention, even though it is not an illustrious crisis.  Notably, most of the deaths from hunger which are happening all over the world are not because of any natural calamities! Although deaths caused by hunger at the time of natural calamities do exist; it takes only a 10% of total death by hunger’s share. The rest 90% of death is a grand courtesy of chronic hunger! It is drastically spreading to all corners of the world and also rooting strongly in the parts like Africa, Latin America and South Asia.

This entrenched hunger problem is not only due to food scarcity, but also due to deficiency in many aspects. Many people fail to earn income for their daily share of bread because of reasons like: lack of skills and education. Again, the underprivileged sadly have to surrender to chronic hunger to health due to the absence of hospitals, medicines, funds and knowledge about it. These aspects strengthen chronic hunger, therefore, the underprivileged are always in search for a helping hand to raise their voice. Thus “World Hunger Day” was coined to create an awareness of these kinds of situations.

Let us join hands with The Akshaya Patra Foundation to eradicate hunger. Let us support us on this noble cause to eventuate a “Hunger Free World”.  Sponsor Food for Children for this World hunger day 2012.  


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